Loading Time Very Long on the Exact same File?!

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  • Hello,

    I love Enscape! Super Helpful.

    I have been using the exact same file for the past week. I have not added anything, the file size has remained the same. I have only been updating my camera views for final renderings. Then all of a sudden today, it has been stuck on "Exporting Geometry and Materials …" for literally 45 minutes before it opened! It used to take just 3 minutes. Again, I did not change anything with the file whatsoever. Please help! I literally lost a day of work because of this.

  • wpstudio - We would need more information.

    Log files and the project file.

    Can you contact is via the Enscape Feedback button (which will send us the log files), so we can inform you of how to pass the project to us securely?