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  • I have a couple of queries about the web standalone.

    What are the top browsers that support WEBGL2? it seems if I shared a project link via twitter or facebook, someone with an iphone could not open it.

    Will realtime reflections ever be a realistic option?

    my sounds are not playing, is this disabled?

    If I share a model can I update the model and keep the link i've already used to share i.e if I tell a viewer that i've updated my shared model, can I arrange it so the original link opens the updated model?





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    Thanks for your questions! :)

    I'm afraid, while most if not almost all Android browsers should support WebGL, iOS devices do not, with the exception of Safari (through a workaround) on Mac devices. Real-time reflections may be possible in the future, but we'll have to see if the current technology allows it. They would also be rather performance hungry, hence a reason why we won't implement them anytime soon probably, if you wish to have the full experience we'd recommend using the .exe standalone files to run them on a dedicated windows machine. Although I can understand that this may not be an option for you. Sound is indeed also currently disabled - which sounds exactly have you implemented that you'd like to hear? :) Just so I can forward that as additional feedback.

    Furthermore, at least at the moment there is no way to keep the link but adjust the Web Standalone, this shall very well be possible in the near future though, which will also include the ability to keep panorama links, but update the file itself too. :)