Large Revit model issues... freezes and sudden quits.

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  • Hello,

    Enscape 2.8, Revit 2021, with a 650Mb REvit model (not that big after all). Video RTX 2070 8gig per screenshot:

    Enscape does render my 6 images, but only on a fresh open. if I work a little in Revit, and update the Enscape view, chances are Enscape will freeze the next time I try to render (it renders 4 out of 6 images, then just freezes itself and Revit).

    Other times, while updating views' lighting or materials, both Revit and Enscape will just quit.

    Did I reach the limit of Enscape memory capacity? but I hear people renders gigabyte large revit models...?

    This started to happen after I added a large amount of geometry into the Revit model, and my model skyrocketed from 50Mb to 650Mb size.

    I have also sent a "Feedback" call, but only after restarting revit, after a freeze. Maybe some of the log files still show the crash?

    Thank you



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    Please give us a moment to reply, especially when posting something during the weekend. Thanks! ;) Also, we'll gladly check out your log files. To speed things up you can also DM me your e-mail which you've used to submit the report and I'll check out the cause behind these problems.