Assets and Revit Families / please make Assets-Families as "shared" as standard

  • Hi Enscape Team,

    as Revit User I would like to use the assets in nested families (e.g. Table group with seats and persons etc.)

    For that all Asset-Families must be "shared". With out the shared option they will not be shown correctly in Enscape.

    Please have a look on the attached PNG.

    Also there is a bug while using the family-category "plants" as nested family . The assets will be mis scaled.

    Kind regards from Düsseldorf,

    Bernhard Fetzer

  • Thanks a lot for your request.

    I'll forward this issue and your inquiry to our developers for review to see what's feasible. I'll get back to you in case I have any further news to share in the future. :)

  • I would like to suggest to only make them shared when you load an asset from the library into a family (and leave the current behavior when you load an asset from the library into a project).

    The reason: once a family is shared, you cannot unshare it. And shared families will show up in all <type> parameters of that category. Maybe not a big deal for planting, but once you change the category from planting to furniture (which we end up doing with most of our furniture), that becomes very problematic for us.