URGENT!!!!!| WARN | Could not claim hotkeys. Another CAD process is unresponsive. Windows are stuck minimized!!!!

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  • So months on and this is still a major issue...........

    Enscape has this issue that when installed it causes minimized programs like Revit and Rhino to stay stuck in the tool bar minimized! the only way to bring them back is to hold Shift and Right Click and Restore window, its crazy frustrating especially when working in Rhino + Revit or multiple session of Rhino, to the point we have to uninstall Enscape when not working on visuals and reinstall it when we need it.

    As soon as your uninstall Enscape the issues goes away..........

    Is there no way you guys can fix this?

  • Ollyt I'm very sorry to hear about this issue! I wonder if you could briefly send us the logfiles from your machine? Then we will escalate the case to our development team for a closer look. Could you let me know if this only occurs when the Enscape window is open, or if it occurs even when the Enscape window is closed? Do you have any other Enscape menus open when it happens (i.e. General Settings, Visual Settings, Asset Library, etc)?