Artificial light is popping in/out (off and on?) as I move around

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  • What is happening here? As I move forward and backward (zooming in and zooming out) of a view, there are lights that suddenly turn on as I get further away and turn off as I get closer. Is this some sort of anomaly with screen space reflections? There are no lights in this area that should be illuminating these areas like this.

    This is making it very difficult to artificially illuminate my model to coordinate with my actual lighting plan for the project. Auto-expose and auto-contrast is off. All I've done with the attached image examples is to move a few feet forward/back, locating the point of view at which this happens in this location. It happens everywhere else in my model as well (large grocery store).

  • I can see what is happening the more I have looked at it now. The further away from the light source I get, the less each light source collides with geometry properly. This is a major issue for me. See attached new version where you can see the light on the 2nd to top shelf interacts as expected when close and ignore the geometry when moving the camera further away. Lights clip through geometry the further back you go, eventually lighting up with the wall, when they obviously shouldn't.

  • Hi Tim

    Thanks a lot for your report.

    At least at the moment this behavior is normal and due to technical reasons in order to save performance - in this specific project this behavior is also more noticeable than usual since so many lights are used in the scene.

    What you can instead do, is try using emissive surfaces instead of rectangular lights. This will introduce a bit of noise into the scene instead, but it may be less off-putting for you compared to what you experience at the moment, as these emissive light sources will act a bit differently.

    Let me know if you then like to share any further feedback with us!

  • Thanks for looking into it.

    This is difficult for me since our work requires a lot of artificial lighting. We use Enscape as a method of working out the overall lighting design and have found it useful up until these larger projects. I have used emissive materials before, specifically for lighting the interior of refrigerated cases, displays, etc, but they don't typically provide enough light or act the same way that a normal fluorescent/LED tube light, for example, would. And as you noted, noise becomes an issue with emissive materials.

    Is there a fact/data sheet available on what the light source limits are so users like me can account for this before getting so far in?

    And of course, as a feature request, please increase the amount of lights allowed.

  • Hi Tim ,

    We don't have a fact/data sheet as this is depending on more variables like the project itself and the machine used.

    Unfortunately this is currently expected behavior, reducing on the amount of lights might help here though.

    You could also send us a video of how this behavior is on your end so that we can see if we experience the same limitations and it's not only something occurring on your machine.

  • Can we please get a data sheet on this or some sort of guidance? I'm hitting the wall trying to light my large models and getting pretty frustrated. I began replacing light objects with self-illuminated materials but it creates way more noise than I can tolerate. So in the end, I'm stuck removing light sources altogether and losing the detail I want.