Some Skybox extra configs for AR projects

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  • Hi there,

    Today I've been trying to make some AR-like views. I have a 360 camera, I have real 360 pictures of a building, I have the 3D model of the building in Revit, and I have Enscape.

    My plan was fit the 360 as Skybox, play Enscape, match the position, hide some model parts and generate a new 360. I failed, as I can't match picture and Enscape's field of view since both are linked.

    Could it be possible to regulate Skybox field of view separately of the model, or get some other way to make it work?


  • xsb At the moment you would have to move inside your model to change perspective and relations and then may change field of view in the Enscape settings to come closer to a match.

    A skybox is always infinitely large. You can imagine it as a sphere encompassing your whole scene. Scaling this sphere wouldn't make any difference - until it would be so small that your model would overlap it.

    The size your project appears to be compared to your skybox is defined completely by your distance to your project.

    [Blocked Image:]

    If, for example, the buildings visible on your skybox look too large, the only help I can recommend is to capture the image from a further distance to these buildings.

    Keep in mind that there needs to be enough space from the place you capture the image to any nearby buildings for the project you're planning to create.

    Otherwise, the perspective will always seem off.

    So it would only work for renderings and not for a walkthrough.

    A skybox field of view could be very irritating and I think it won't work out.