False color rendering - scale bar

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  • False color rendering for Enscape-Revit is interesting, but the color scale bar is very ambiguous.

    The only 2 values shown are the maximum as red and the minimum as blue while there's no value shown in between.

    Is there any information about this color scale bar? Is it Linear ? or Logarithmic ?

    What is the value of the green and yellow ?

    Thank you in advance.

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    H2K2 , our light mode is not usually used for complex light studies and should act more as a guide inside our engine to basically check which areas are still too dark or too bright for that matter as an example - if you like, you can gladly share further feedback with us regarding what you'd like to see added/improvement and I'll also forward that to our developers. :)

  • Hello Demian Gutberlet ,

    Thank you for your help. I understood that this false color rendering is not for accurate use.

    However, the max value seems much lower than I have expected. The first attached img is with DIALux while the second one is with Radiance.

    The relative balance seems good but the max value is too low, less than the half. Do this always happen? Is it possible to adjust the setting for calibration?


    Enscape is a very powerful tool for Revit visualization.

    It is also helpful for lighting engineers if it is also possible to show illuminance and luminance level in both 3d and plan view, with false color, contour and grid value.

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    Thanks a lot for your feedback - at the moment there are no further ways to calibrate the lux scale besides using the custom sliders. I have still gladly forwarded your inquiry to our developers, so that they can discuss what could be done to improve the overall range in general.