Irrelevant Forum Notifications

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  • In the past I have enjoyed the feature of being notified when a post I have commented on receives a new comment.

    However, as the practice of "+1s" (I'm guilty of this as well) and "Your vote has been recorded" has grown, the notifications seem less useful to me.

    A few ideas:

    1) Discourage the practice... encourage the use of the "Like" button. This has the added benefit of keeping a tally in the list of posts to show relative support for topics. Perhaps there is an additional even more obvious way of indicating this type of "Like" and therefore encouraging its use.

    2) Enscape team could avoid replying "Recorded the vote" this would both discourage the practice and possibly avoid another irrelevant notification (possibly bc not sure if it triggers a notification)

    3) Can a User disable the default notification behavior for posts in the Subforum "Ideas and Requests"?


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    Thanks for your feedback! :)

    I can understand that receiving these notifications every time can become annoying after a while - I do like the idea of the using the like system here to gather upvotes to feature requests. I'll think about it and see what we can do, this is something I'm gonna also discuss with the team.

    Here and there I think it would still be ideal to let the user(s) know when a large amount of upvotes have been forwarded though. :)

    Regarding your third point, that is not yet possible at the moment. Is this something you'd like to have as an option in the future, even when a (or the) new "like system" will be implemented? Be aware, that you can also already click the "Manage Subscription" button you find on the top right of each thread to disable individual notifications:

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    Those ideas were just random thoughts for achieving the same goal... any of them may help, and you guys obviously may have your own.

    I really just wanted to provide user experience feedback on how the notification system.


    I saw it as that, thanks a lot again for the feedback of yours as well! :)