Lighting Reflection / Shadowing Issues on Glass --- Any Ideas on How to Fix this?

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  • Hello Enscape Community,

    I have been looking through some of the latest Enscape Showcase projects and have been really blown away.
    One thing I have noticed, is many of the images seem to have fantastically smooth rich shadows and tone.

    Looking back at my own renderings, I see a lot of issues with weird artifact/aliasing with illuminated glass.

    This scene for example, has some interior can lights, and an exterior sun entering the scene through a glass wall.

    On the glass itself, there is a repeating "jagged" or zig zag pattern forming in the self shadowing area below each mullion.

    Unrelated, but I am noticing many of the enscape proxies within the scene, like the furniture, seem to have almost no shadow underneath them as well.
    What could be causing this?

    I am having a hard time understanding if is a bug, an issue with my materials, or an issue with my lighting setup?

    Thanks for any insight you may be able to provide, it is greatly appreciated! :thumbsup:

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    Thanks for your report! Can you please send me a screenshot of the material settings of the Glass itself? Also, perhaps there is a chance for you to send us this part of the project for troubleshooting? :)

  • Thank you!

    I can certainly send the file along if we deem it to be helpful.

    In the meantime, I will put some information on the model and materials below:

    The model content in question is a very simple geometry.

    Its a closed polysurface (simple box) in Rhino with a thickness of 1/2"

    It is not currently divided between mullions, its one large pane with mullions overlapping its geometry.

    Here is an image of the scene, and the settings I have created for the glass texture.