Reflective material limits or bug ?

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  • Hello there. I have a question regarding mirror materials from Revit.

    On the Snip where the blue circle is there is a material should mirror like the ones in the foreground. Though it seems that there is a mirror material limit or is it a bug?

    The idea is it should mirror the other mirror creating a almost endless loop like the one in the corner but with the other side. The 2 mirrors are 366cm apart so I assume there is a mirroring limit to how far it goes? Is there currently a way to work around it or do I have just the wrong material for it?

    I tried to put 2 Mirror assets from the Enscape asset library and put an object in between them and they dont mirror each other at all.

    Edit: I do know that endless loops tend to be tedious for PCs to render :D

    Thanks for answers!

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    Thanks for your post!

    This is indeed a reflection limit, otherwise performance would suffer immensely, making navigation probably close to impossible. ;)

    Infinite mirrors in general should not be possible anytime soon with any real-time rendering software for that matter, even when RTX is being used, there is always a limit regarding how often the reflections occur in total. One example: Minecraft RTX has 8 bounces in total, so perhaps we'll add something like this to our RTX support too! But again, infinite bounces are not possible as far as I know at the moment, in any game or software.

  • Yeah it is understandable that id have to have a quantum PC to render infinitely a loop like that :D

    Though I wonder why does it not reflect the already said distance of 366cm. It shows as if the surface on the other side is plain white.

    Is it due to the reflection happening in the corner or is that a distance limit from where the mirroring effect happens?

    2 mirrors are placed on the opposite corners of each other but its shown as white.

    Do we have an exact numbers how many bounces enscape allows as of now?

    Edit: Even when removing the middle mirror the 2 mirrors in each corner do not seem to reflect and show as if they were just plain white material.

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    We do not render mirror in other mirrors I'm afraid, mainly due to performance reason in general as mentioned. Also, we can only render everything you see on screen itself (everything which is on screen but NOT in reflections) in full detail in mirrors itself. So if something is not visible to you directly, but only via a reflection, then we render other objects which are invisible to the camera itself in lowered quality, or not at all. Check out this article here as well and let me know if that doesn't answer your questions. :)