Bad look - textures not shown at mirros

  • Hi,

    I'm working on a shop interior with a lot of dominant textures and textured emitters. At the mirrors the textures are not shown. I understand that it is a problem to show the full GI, but the textures would be a first step for better mirrors. I hope it can be fixed without to much work.


  • My impression was that GI and objects was reduced and so I was surprised to miss textures. I'm curious for enhanced reflections. Maybe the GPU power can be taken in account, so that a high end card with a large VRAM get more work. Good luck.

  • Right, why not allow to get 100% quality for non RT usage? I like the idea.

    We should not forget, if it is no problem to mirror the complete scene to fake the mirror effect and anything works perfect, so why should we get reduced mirror reflections. Doubled polygon count, full textures, full GI - anything can be calculated without problems with the simple mirror fake. Maybe the user should get a slider for choosing from full quality to reduce for lower GPU/VARM usage. I suppose so this can not be decided from the the engine code since the need is different from user to user, from project to project. Some times it's ok to wait a second longer, but the client get best quality.

  • Its not as easy as you describe. You forget about curved surfaces, normal maps or rough surfaces. Those would not work with the doubled rendering approach. There are certain tools who offer that option for planar mirror/glass only but it is a tedious thing, we try to come up with a more satisfying solution.

  • To be clear: tThe doubled rendering approach was only for showing that Enscape is powerful enough to calculate the full scene without problems at the user side. I have the feeling the team doesn't trust in the power and build in to much calculation shortcuts. User with powerful cards could get more effects enabled. ;)

  • Hehe :P We try to build more trust into computing power, i promise ;)

    We continuously work towards realism - but just to give you an insight: There are other scenarios like huge projects or VR where even the most powerful machines sweat buckets. Then, it's most important to balance great realism with great performance. As I said: We're working towards extending Enscape on both ends of the performance-quality spectrum :)