indoor climbing climber character added

  • We are very proud to be Enscape fans from the start. The evolutions are prodigious and improve our work on a daily basis.:thumbsup:

    We only need a few elements to be able to project magnificent visuals !

    it would be interesting if you could add indoor climbers (for boulder and climbing wall with ropes)

    It is a practice more and more demanded by the clients of sports hall or college architecture since it became a new Olympic discipline for the next Olympic Games.

    Thank you in advance for listening


  • Hi EscaGui

    welcome to the forum and thank you for your feedback. I just moved the post it into Feedback/Asset Library for you. This is the place to discuss our Assets or any feedback/request related to it.

    I can't guarantee climbers/ boulderers as people assets for now but I gladly inform you that we are going to release many sport props in Enscape 2.9. For example these climbing holds. I can't wait to see them in action! ;) Stay tuned for more updates.

    Best Regards