White objects appear grey

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  • Hi everyone.

    today i used enscape for the first time after downloading the latest version and, as you can see in the picture, the white parts of the objects appear gray. I restarted the program and also the pc but the objects are still gray.


    Thanks in advance.

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  • So, you could edit the white of your walls and plastics to a lower value like the objects from the asset library.

    Sidenote: the brightest natural white colors have 80% reflectance of indirect light. Maybe the colors of the asset object take this in account and the white is set around (200,200,200). If you use (255,255,255) than you can get an unnatural light transport and look (shadowed areas are to bright). But to set all colors and textures at the natural intensity is a lot of additional work. I'm not sure, maybe there is an internal multiplier of 0.8 for all colors/textures. Do you know some details about this topic Demian Gutberlet? (At V-Ray I set a GI multiplier to get the natural GI look.)

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    Our assets are PBR-compliant and physically correct. In contrast to the geometry that is created it means roughly: only fresh snow is completely white and coal is completely pitch black. Everything else with the exception of things like Vantablack, no materials used would reach these extreme values and tend to be displayed as, in this case, gray(ish). :)

    You may want to adjust the materials of your surroundings accordingly, even by just a bit and add a bit more brightness in general (maybe even more sun brightness or additional lights). That should help with increasing the "white-brightness" of the overall scene including assets as well.