Revit Elevations and Section in Enscape

  • Is there a way to render elevation / section views that have been set up in Revit within Enscape?

    We are currently working on some large sites and modelling trees etc using the Enscape asset Library in order to generate 3D visuals, but as previous discussions have pointed out unfortunately the Enscape assets look truly awful in Revit.

    We need to generate illustrative elevations and sections of the buildings on the site within the site context and as such it would be fantastic if Enscape were able to render the Revit elevations / sections that have already been set up within Revit (purely in orthographic view). Currently we are having to set up section boxes for each of the elevation/ sections that we want to generate (this is the only way we have been able to do it so far) which is very time consuming and doubling our workflow.

    If there is already a way to do this could someone kindly let me know, otherwise can this please be added to a wish list.

  • Open an Orthographic 3D View (not perspective). Right click on the View Cube in the 3D View, pick "align to View" and find a Section or Elevation. The view will automatically create a section box on the cutting plane of the Section or Elevation View and align the 3D View to that View. You use an orthographic View as this gives the illusion of it not having perspective and looks like a Section or Elevation. Note you can also align the 3D View to Plan Views so that you can create 3D renders that look like normal Revit Plan Views.