some controle over the wind

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  • I love the new feature that the trees and grass are animated.

    But i also love.. having daytime move quickly in my clips.. it is nice to see the shadows move.. and the clouds rushing by

    But when i do that now .. i get trees on steroids... Please make the trees always animate the same.. so despite the time they always have a normal winds.
    Then in the settings you can set how hard you want the wind to blow..

    So don;t make the wind scaleable with time.

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    That may then not look very realistic overall though, I will still gladly forward it as a feature request. Still, so you have already turned down the Wind Strength in the Atmosphere tab to something like 5-10%, but you simply also want to use some clips where the time of day is static, do I get that correctly? At least in the meantime you could of course adjust this setting before exporting clips of choice depending on how much you want the trees and vegetation to move.