Office Interior Render

  • Here is my first attempt of creating a video out of enscape. I built the overall shell in sketchup. I received the office models from a separate designer. Due to their size I brought them all in as proxies. I had some help from a co-worker to complete the video. I am very impressed with the quality of material that can be produced out of enscape. The overall project took me a total of 70 hours to complete. That is including the render time and the video projection time. If any of you have any tips or have any advice that would be great. I will be able to take them into consideration for my next project. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbsup:

    Thanks for reading.

    Happy modeling y'all.


  • Nice work Trevor, I'm curious about your solution you modelled your ceiling overall lighting, it seems there is a extra light under the ceiling troffer element? We are struggeling now with that issue too, however the result of the overall lighting is really nice.

  • Thank you all for the kind words. It has been a lot of time. I really look forward to the multi-point camera render service. That will reduce the render time a lot. I look forward to be able to hit render and leave for the evening and then have it all complete by the time I get in the next morning. Once the new patch is released I will be able to be a part of the crowd that had to do it the hard way. Remember when>!??? Haha.

    Remco - we actually applied emissive texture to the light fixtures and the placed lights every 12 ft or so in a grid. Then played with the overall brightness in the light setting. Be sure to make each light a component so that it changes them all at once. It helps out a lot. That is how we did it on our end.