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  • Now that you have discontinued compatibility with ArchVision content, can you please improve your asset library to include many more vehicles?

    Semi Trailers, Delivery Vehicles, Bicycles, many many more Cars and current models and variety of colors for each vehicle, etc...

    I just completed a large industrial property rendering and i have no vehicles in the loading areas......... :(

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    DPHORVATH , ArchVison support has not been discontinued. Sorry about the confusion, that was only the case in a previous preview version. Should you perhaps still be using that version, make sure you simply upgrade to our latest release Enscape 2.8.2.

    Regarding more Cars, do you have any specific wishes in that regard? In any case, your Asset wishes will of course be forwarded.

  • A good selection of modern and classic vehicles is a very important element of any render programme. Many are let down with poor quality models, poor attempts at ‘trying’ to look like a particular make or model but not quite getting it right or libraries are simply not diverse enough. I cannot populate a UK car park with big American vehicles or models that make a detailed render look unreal.
    Ideally, I would love to see a Small range of good quality vehicles (small, medium and large cars, vans, trucks and construction) from the UK. Even just two or three really good models would be better than thirty bad ones.

  • I would love to see some beat up and/or older cars as well. It is fun to have the newest thing like the Tesla truck or cars like the Audi A8, but being able to throw in something like a late 70's Caprice Classic or cars with some age to them (rust, dents, mismatched body panels) adds so much. Especially for projects that are more mundane in nature like a grocery store or apartment complex. Would also love some classics- '63 Stingray, '60 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing , '55 Chevy, A Woodie Wagon (both the classic 1950ish Ford [surfer wagon] and the janky 80’s station wagon.)

    I don't know if it is possible, but being able to change the color of the cars would be great as well, even if it is just from a limited predefined palette.

  • I would like to see delivery type vehicles; tractor trailer, semi trucks and trailers, Fedex, UPS, Amazon, USPS (US Mail), etc.... and in a variety of sizes etc....

    Smaller Aviation type of vehicles would be nice too.

    I'd go as far as a dozen or so boat types and sizes.

    Thanks again,


  • I would like to see an assortment of cars with drivers in them. When showing street scenes, I have to put sitting adults into

    the car proxy and try to get them to look natural. I would also like to see more people NOT on their cell phones. I'd also like to

    see more tropical vegetation as I live in Florida where development in booming. More shrubs and the very common Royal Palm.

    Thank you.