Copy, Deleting, Creating, Replace Material in the Enscape Material Editor

  • Hi Everyone,

    i am often struggling to manage my materials with the SketchUp Material Editor. The biggest Problem (so far i know) is that you cant select multiply Materials. In V-Ray it was really easy to delete, duplicate oder create new Materials in the Material Editor with multiply selection.

    It would be great if we could multiply select Materials and delete them in Enscape. Duplicate Material or create right out of the Materialeditor would be also great. But maybe its only me who is struggling...

    Best Regards

  • Thanks a lot I will forward your request. Let me know in case there is anything else you want to add to it. :)

  • Copying / Duplicating materials would definitely improve sketchup + enscape workflow!

    If it wouldn´t be too complicated to add that feature in an upcoming update, please do!

    Ibragimow_Hirsch , you are NOT the only one struggling with that issue!