Video Export Process

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  • This may have been answered before, so apologies in advance. When exporting to a video in Enscape, where does it store the information before compiling the final video? Is it in the same path as the saved video?

    In general how does Enscape process video? Does it store images somewhere else, then compile into a video? Does it create the video incrementally? I'm curious as we have a few users experiencing odd errors, but I'm wondering if it is related to a size of the hard drive issue.

  • If you choose anything but lossless as the format, the video is encoded directly from RAM. The single frame is rendered, downloaded from the VRAM and then encoded into the video stream, which then is saved to disk as is convenient for the encoder.

    So unless you run out of space for the final video disk size should not play a role. Your RAM may play a role as the frame and temp video data needs to fit into memory, but in most cases this should not be an issue.