Asset Library - Landscape Materials

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  • Please upgrade the vegetation category to include outdoor landscape materials. The asset library contains plenty for interiors but not a good selection of genus for exterior. Only one conifer, for example.

    In addition, a variety of sizes would be great. Nearly all trees are of mature size and dwarf many of the structures they are meant to enhance.

    Thank you.


  • Hi Adrian,

    Thank you for your quick reply. Enscape has become a critical tool in my development of Revit architectural renderings. It is a remarkable leap forward from the native Revit development tool. However Adrian, I am truly embarrassed for you as an ambassador of Enscape in your ridiculous reply to my request which I found to be totally unrelated and a corporate boilerplate response to an issue for which Enscape has no clear focus and plan..

    Enscape is rapidly losing its lead in the development community to competitors such as Twinmotion, which I use occasionally, who provide far superior lifelike renderings of vegetation and a variety of other surface materials.

    I hope you guys will get with the game soon and upgrade your asset library to compete and perform in that arena with the same quality I have grown to love throughout your Enscape product!

    Best Regards,