Request: more medical people without stethoscopes

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  • Kind of niche - but I was working on a radiology clinic and the client asked if there were nurses and doctors without stethoscopes. I found only one female doctor without one. While this is a particular request - it's also something related to the larger issue of some of the models being too specific. For example, indoor plants with a specific style and color of pot. It would be helpful to have items that are not so "complete" and specific. That way I could add things, rather than the current case where I have no way to remove something. This is tangentially related to the request for changing colors in the assets, but this relates to geometry, not color.

  • Hi andybot

    thanks for your feedback. That's kind of niche. Of course. But it would be great to have them without these stethoscopes in this particular case. Since they are baked onto the mesh and not only a single part that we can simply detach we need to keep in mind that the ones that we already have will stay like that. I am going to forward this request to one of our partners.

    Assets with variations are already on our radar and are part of our roadmap as well. I understand the need for it and give it on more upvote.

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  • I completely get that the entire person is 3d scanned, and everything is baked in the same mesh :) But I too would love to see some more "generic" models. if the doctors did not have those special Equipments, they would also easily fit in scenes with laboratories and production :) but i know, this is not necessarily something you control, as your models a probably from axyz or renderpeople (or somewhere else?), right? :)