Rendering people as non-realistic

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  • We find the entourage people available in enscape, while growing in options, are not representative of the user demographics of the projects we are working on.

    I would love to have a couple of different scales / ages / shapes / sizes that roughly represent people rendered as a single tone, or better yet as translucent grey / white... something controllable in enscape.

    In Revit when you render as "white mode" it replaces all of the photo-real textures on the people with white, we have been rendering each image twice, once with people and once without, and then combining in photoshop to get semi transparent entourage. This is not the best.

    Is there any way for us to strip the textures off of the RPC people but keep their shape / form and have the rendering qualities controlled in enscape? Or better yet can enscape offer these as options out of the box?


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    maritime , welcome to our forum and thanks for your post! :)

    I've set this thread to resolved, just because there is already an ongoing discussion going on as linked by Pieter above. I have also gladly forwarded your upvote and feedback to the existing feature request on our agenda as well!