RPC Trees / Plants_Appearance Differs

  • Hello everyone,

    Apologies if this has been previously discussed. We currently have an issue with some RPC tree / plant families from the free download / core families file that I wonder whether someone could assist with.

    We have one person putting in plants/trees into the file and the content looks great in Enscape. We then look at the same file on a different PC and some of the families appear different. We have matched Enscape settings and checked that Archvision content is being replaced.

    It looks like the render appearance is somehow being mixed up (only in particular instances, some are fine) for one of the two users, has anyone else experience this issue? or has any thoughts on things we could try?

    Thanks very much in advance for any thoughts...



  • Hi Richard Pulford & welcome to our forums!

    Is it possible that you're using different Enscape versions? The RPC replacements have been updated between Enscape version 1.9 and 2.0. You can find out which version is currently installed in the [About] window.

  • Unfortunately Clemens that has not worked, we are both now on version 2.1 of Enscape, but the trees still appear to be referencing incorrectly in the two files. Do you, or anyone else have any ideas for things we could try to resolve this?

    Both snapshots attached are from the same file, same view, default settings and as you can see some of the trees are the same and some are different....

    Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered to help resolve...


  • Please also make sure that both computers have the same Archvision Dashboard version installed and also the same content downloaded. Based on the screenshot it seems like there are trees missing, which is possible if they are not part of Revit's default RPCs.

    If this doesn't yield any results you might want to compare these files of your Enscape installation:



    If something went wrong during installation it might be the case that they differ. That's just a wild guess though.