Bring back the set camera angle button option

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  • There used to be an amazing feature where you could set the camera location only, based on the current view settings. Massive time saver on large projects rather than waiting on the model to reload when all you need is the other angle -

    has the function moved somewhere?? What am I missing?

  • Interesting, I hadn't noticed that yet either. I agree it was a great feature and wish it hadn't been abandonded, but perhaps it's hiding somewhere like you say.

    Was there a reason for eliminating this?

  • For me, the biggest kink in the workflow is that we can't update the position of the camera easily. If we finetune a shot in enscape we always have to create a new view and relink the settings. The same is true when we update the sun settings in Enscape, there's no way to push that to an existing view.

    I wish there was a save button that allowed us to update the camera position and sun position on the view.

  • Right, thanks for the suggestions - the issue with the favourties tab we've found is that it doesn't respect the perspective/orthographic setting, and if you are set to orthographic, it doesn't respect the view origin i.e. the zoom is whatever you were, not the original - which means if you return to render the same view 3 weeks later, you wont be at the same viewpoint.

    The way around it we've found is to save the view as a perspective, and to be in perspective when changing views, then switch the view to ortho to export. It's faffy but gets the views out.