Use 2.9 custom asset library to localize the asset library

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  • Hello, everybody. Today I have an important discovery to share with you;)

    Is to localize the online Asset libraries using the custom repository feature added in version 2.9

    First, my friend manually placed all the Asset libraries and got the "Assets" folder in the temporary folder,You can do this by typing "%temp%" at the top of the Folder path on disk C and entering


    Then copy the Assets folder as a whole to another English path, for example F:\Assets,Because temp folders are often cleaned up, the repository cannot be rendered

    Finally, we open the online asset library menu in ENS and switch to the custom asset Library page. Click the folder icon in the lower right corner to point to the path where the folder was just placed:"F:\Assets"

    At this point, due to the large number of files, you need to wait for a while

    Eventually you'll find that all of the library files appear here and you can use them as you wish, no network required!

    (It should be noted that I do not know whether the Assets file is legal to share, so I did not share)

    In addition, I would like this custom asset library to be able to categorize the models, rather than being mixed up and difficult to use, as it is now. Thank you

  • Hi,

    I downloaded the Escape Asset library to my computer a while back. I then had to move all these downloaded asset files to a new location. Enscape now cannot find the new location, and all my projects have no assets. How do I re-path the asset library?


  • tas_1985 apologies for the late reply.

    I will forward your request to be able to categorize the custom assets for a better overview.


    This can be resolved by unchecking the 'Offline Enscape Assets' button, re-checking it, choose your new folder location, and press the 'Use Existing' button.