Enscape universal settings coordination between SketchUp and Revit

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  • I have a request regarding the Enscape settings dialogue box. I work between project teams often, moving between SketchUp and Revit multiple times per day and on different models. It is a point of frustration that if i change a setting in SketchUp, that setting is still applied once I open up Revit. Is there a workflow element that I missing? I would like individual 3D views, regardless of program and model, to retain Enscape information; so that when i change the FOV in SketchUp model #1, the field of view in Revit model #5 isn't also impacted.

    Does this make sense? Thanks for any help you can provide.

    - Corey

  • You can save settings in the settings dialogue box, so for example "Project X" and then have settings for "Project Y" then you will be able to flick between the two,

    That's true, but I still agree with Corey that it would make more sense for Enscape to default to the last setting you had for that particular project (whether saved or not).

  • While the settings dialog is nice for establishing general parameters, it becomes really cumbersome when you take into consideration that each model has multiple views and sometimes different time of day studies. The permutations get pretty out of hand. And have mercy on your soul if you have to go back into a project that you haven't touched in 6 months - whos settings parameters aren't necessarily saved in the dialog box.

    I'd still throw my name in the hat for settings that are tied to camera views.