Enscape generating large .xmls in documents folder

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    MatthiasL , depending on the export resolution and such, these panoramas will take up some space - as you can see, about 50mb per panorama. We'll also offer better panorama management solutions in the future though, for now, the corresponding Panoramas which may not be needed anymore can of course also be removed. That can be more easily done via the Manage Uploads window in order to avoid removing any unwanted ones.

  • My understanding is that this xml file contains is the actual image data, likely in an uncompressed format, which is why its so big. For panoramas, Enscape is choosing to save in a proprietary format where image data and metadata are saved as a single xml file, rather than save a "standard" image format such as png, plus a separate metadata file per image.

    We are then required to "export" a standard image format. After you export your standard format image such as png, if you have no need of the metadata (which I do not) you can delete the corresponding xml file.

    Demian Gutberlet does this sound correct?

    Demian Gutberlet how about let us save a standard image file, such as png directly? When rendering multiple images the extra step to export can be very inefficient.


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    renderwiz , you pretty much got that all correct yes. :) Thanks for the great feedback as well, I've gladly forwarded your wish as always.