Request for the new "Issues" feature

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  • Hi,

    I have been using a dynamo script of my own design for a while now to create an "issues tracking" system in Revit via Enscape. You have almost managed to displace it, but not completely : ) It works by creating a block in space in the Revit model when I run a Dynamo script. See this video to see what the blocks look like.

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    In this case the blocks are numbered according to a grid layout to help find them on a plan. I put these blocks in their own "clash detection" workset so they can be turned off and on easily. The Dynamo script takes the physical location of the "Enscape Camera" object which shows the position of the Enscape viewer in the Revit model and creates the block at that location. So in VR I just stick my head near the clash and trigger the Dynamo Player with a keystroke. It also prompts the user to number and describe the issue. These can then be listed in a "Clash schedule". I use a virtual keyboard and dictation for that. In this video I've already done that and I'm now just doing a picture taking pass. Your new tool will make that less cumbersome.

    These features should be added to the issue tracker you have implemented. In addition to being in Enscape, issues should be tagged with a physical marker which appears in Revit which can then be displayed in a plan view and listed in a schedule. You can see I have the floor plan showing in the desktop window floating next to me so I can make sure the markers are showing up in plan in the right place. It is a big help in coordinating with engineering consultants through linked models. As you can see in this video, none of the engineers were looking at anyone else's models when drawing their own. So we have pipes (orange), ducts (blue), electrical conduit (green) and steel beams (gray) all running into each other all over the place. They have to be forced to look at this and having these tags appear all over the model after I do my walkthrough pass really helps get that across.



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    that's a quite nice idea!

    I guess that the preferred position of the physical marker would be the issue position from our feature rather than the camera position, right?

    Which information should this marker have in your opinion? Just an identifier? Or all information from the issue on our side?

  • Hi JoH,

    My workaround using the camera position was necessary only because the camera is the only thing from Enscape exposed in Revit that I could acquire the position from in Dynamo.

    The ideal implementation would be for the marker to appear wherever the user clicks. I made the blocks ""all-sided" so you could see the model text from anywhere. They are simple generic models that are workplane hosted so I can stick them to a face. As most issues are above the ceiling, or underground (pipes and conduit colliding with foundations) I also have an invisible model line which either points up or down to intersect with the plan view cut plane.

    The markers are color coded by type to track issues by discipline. The are structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, architectural.... They have a number field which is prefixed with M, E, P, A etc... There is a description field which is brief like "Duct intersecting beam", or "Ceiling air vent hosted to floor". And there is a location field which in my case is based on a 10x10 grid laid out over the whole project. It would be simpler to acquire the room name and number of the issues location, but not all issues occur in a room. Sometimes they are outside, under the building, or on the roof floating in the air. The grid is a manual thing right now as I have not had the time to figure it out as 3D "Area Objects" that could number the blocks automatically on placement.