Sketchup to Revit 2020 Question

  • We are importing a sketchup-created site plan into revit. The materials come through and are visible in Revit. The Asset/Appearance are non-existent and show up gray in Enscape. What is interesting is that in Sketchup, the grass texture is named 'grass' and is thus picked up by Enscape, creating 3D grass blades (which are gray). The imported element is one object. Exploding the import deletes the majority of the site.

    Does anybody have a workflow to edit materials on an imported sketchup element in Revit?

  • You'll have to go to the Object Categories of the linked file and change the material settings there - based on the layer name in SketchUp.

    Thanks, Phil! That got me a lot closer. Still not there, yet. Any clue on why my materials aren't showing through on the model? Phasing is correct. Querying the import seems to show layer naming that I would expect. Everything in the 'object styles' appears to work except for the materials. It's almost like the model export is corrupted but I've tried multiple file types (dwg, skp, etc)