Wish: shadow softness control (per Rhino shadow slider) - an experiment

  • Hi,

    here again one of my inmodest wishes. It's friday afternoon and I afraid I can't expect an answer before monday. :)

    I'm testing to get an airplane interior lighting running. I run in several problems, but also found workarounds. My last problem was that I need to add dozen of lights in windows and under the ceiling to fill the room like expected. One problem are the sharp shadows on the walls from the window point lights and at the ground from the area lights under the ceiling.

    Simon Weinberger told me to use more lights to get softer shadows. But I think 300 point lights and 32 area lights must be enough. The light softness of the current shadows bring me to an idea - I scaled the scene down. Here the result by factor 0.1.

    I'm glad to see that soft shadows are quite good looking (maybe could be less strong). And so my request - could the unused shadow slider of the Rhino lights not be enabled to control the shadow map blurriness? I hope the answer is not "no" again. ;)


  • And here my scene only per factor 0.2 for not so extreme soft shadows. I added some ugly "legs" to test the contact shadow quality. For me it looks like Enscape could do the job.

    Also I run a short test animation - no flickering, quite stable result, commercial project quality level. :)

  • Yes, precise soft shadows, in some kind of scenes (expecially internal rooms lighted without sun directly) are indispensable. Enscape do the best with sun light, but when you put sun level=0 the quality decrease (and very noise appear)