Cant open Standalone exe file.

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  • Hello

    Get this message every time I try to open a .exe file:

    "There was a problem installing necessary components for Enscape.

    You might want to contact

    Additional Error information:

    VisualCppRedistributable15: Installer ExitCode: 1638"

    Tried installing VisualC++15, but already have a newer version installed.

    I dont have Enscape on my computer, since I am the customer in this case. Only want to open a standalone project.

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    MarkusPe, welcome to our Forum.

    The error message you received is related to the Exe Standalone you are trying to open is created with an older version of Enscape.

    We are aware of this issue.

    Exe Standalones exported on a version older than Enscape 2.6 Preview 7, unfortunately, can't be run on a system with all frequent Windows OS updates installed.

    In order to solve this issue, the person that created the Exe Standalone needs to update Enscape to the latest version and then export the Exe Standalone once more.

    We wish that this wouldn't have to be done, but our hands here are tied for technical reasons coming from the side of Windows handling those VisualC++ redistributable files in general.

    If you have any further questions regarding this issue, please don't hesitate to get back in touch!

  • Hello,

    I just wanted to clarify this and see if there are any updates. I just found the error today.

    Is this an error you are able to fix and are working on? Or can it not be fixed?


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    Welcome to our Forum! :)

    I'm afraid, a fix from our side would not be possible from a technical standpoint. Our hands are tied here, unfortunately. So in that regard, those standalones which give you the corresponding error message at hand would have to re-exported using our latest version. Hopefully, this will be a possibility for you! We also recommend keeping the projects themselves along with the standalones just for safety.

  • Hi, I am having the exact same problem trying to open this on about 3 PC's. Standalone .exe file refuses to open.

    I am using the latest version of enscape, the file opens no problem on my PC, but when trying it on other pc's i get the same error as above

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    RicRac , I'm sorry to hear about that - there may be a chance that on those machines on which the standalone file can be run, the windows operating system is not up to date. Which would explain why they may still function on those, but once they're being updated it should not anymore I'm afraid.

    The only thing we can recommend here is to locate the old project(s) and re-export them with Enscape 3.0.

  • My Enscape and Sketchup are at the latest version, but I am able to open the Standalone exe file using my Enscape installed PC, but the standalone file cannot be open in other computers.

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    In that case please also try to acquire and install the file mentioned:…d-vc-redist?view=msvc-170

    Or via a direct link:

    That should already do the trick. If it does not, please also kindly ensure that the machine(s) on which the standalone(s) do not run meet our system requirements:…base/system-requirements/

    Thank you in advance.