Bug(?) - Shadow softness depends on light intensity

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  • The precision of the shadow map is decreased means that the shadow map is less blurred for sharper shadows in far distance, right? It's done to avoid shadow/light leaks caused by extreme blurriness like at the test image here?

    For me it looks like one of the automatism good for beginners that doesn't work on the long run. I would prefer to keep the blurriness constant and the amount is controlled by the user. I remember me to used shadow maps some times several years before at Rhino|AIR. I was a render beginner and it was no problem for me to use a manual controlled shadow map blurriness. I see the problem that Enscape can't know the right value for each light-object distance, scene size and brightness. And there is not "right" value that Enscape could automatic set, since some times a shadow needs to be soft and some times sharper. I vote for a shadow softness control at the light properties.

    (this cube is placed on the surface without distance)