Asset Glass Materials go Black

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  • Hi There,

    I've been creating a lot of retail product assets lately such as bottles and containers. I've been having a problem with the transparency of glass or plastic materials showing up in Enscape after going through the Custom Asset generator 1.3. My work flow is Rhino > 3DMax > Babylon exporter> Asset Generator 1.3.

    I've tried all kinds of settings for the Glass or transparency with no luck.

    I've tried using the basic Rhino glass materials

    I've tried converting the Glass materials to Enscape materials

    I've tried using Glass materials from Max.

    I'm using the Glass keywords (Liquid/Clear/Frosted) in the material names.

    The materials actually look fine if I don't use the Asset creator as shown in the image. (Left are the Rhino models, Right are the Custom Assets inserted back into the model)

    I can get a colored material, but it loses it's transparency. Clear glass goes black opaque.

    It seems to me there is something going on in the .gltf coding that is happening?

    I'm not sure how Max interprets the Rhino Glass or Enscape material types. The problem may lie there, but that's why I tried using the Max materials (Yet seem to get the same result.)

    Rhino Models and Max Files included in the Zip.

    Any Ideas?

  • Enscape doesn't have a full support of gltf materials, so it might be you are running into an issue there. Or the rhino exporter doesn't translate all the material parameters properly to gltf.

    I would try the official enscape asset generator. It has a native implementation of enscape materials so it's easier to control them their. You should be able to get it identical to the native rhino object using the official generator.

    Let me know if you still have issues after trying it.