Oculus Quest 2 and enscape

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    Gwengosch , welcome to our forum. :)

    We have only tested the Oculus first gen, and it works great with Enscape either via a link cable or wirelessly:

    Can Enscape be used with the Oculus Quest?

    Still, even the second generation of the Quest should work fine with Enscape from the get-go. We cannot 100% guarantee that everything will work flawlessly, but once we have the device itself we can make sure of that.

  • @Gwengosch Apparently the cable solution hasn't been updated by Oculus yet so it's still using the old, lower resolution of the Quest 1. If you search around on reddit r/oculus you'll see there's an option to manually set the resolution at 3600 px (can't remember the exact number so you should check) which should hopefully fix the problem.

    From the sounds of it though, people have been getting better quality just by using Virtual Desktop and their home wifi network assuming you have a really fast router hooked up directly to your computer. Both of these solutions should be further optimized in the coming weeks. The much more powerful hardware on the Quest 2 promises better compression quality.

    I'm still on the fence about getting a Quest 2, but with basically doubled resolution over the Rift S (3.5 mp vs. 1.8 mp) coupled with the ability to go fully wireless, it's extrememly tempting. If only I hadn't just watched The Social Dilemma (Netflix documentary) and wasn't freaked out about how we're all being brainwashed by Facebook and others (and the entire fabric of society imploding) I'd be much quicker to jump on the bandwagon. Demian Gutberlet, is it true the new Quest isn't available in Germany due to the requirement to log into a Facebook account? I've heard people have been getting them from France instead.

  • Hi -

    I have gone back and forth with Oculus Customer Service regarding this issue and they confirmed the Anker cable is compatible although they never gave me the specific product name. Apparently there is only one in the market and it has to be USB-C.

    In addition, the Link feature is in Beta testing still, so in time, cross my finger, quality will be much improved after Oculus gets through this process. I have an original Oculus Link and a first generation Quest and I encounter distortion issues every now and then.

    Aside from that I also discovered that the specifications of my workstation did not match the minimum specs for Oculus Quest although it is a bit better for the Rift-S. In fact Oculus does not yet provide certification for the high-end Nvidia Quadro cards and Intel XEON cpu's.

    As far as the Oculus family of VR headsets is concerned you are better off with a VR-ready gaming PC than a pro-level workstation, at least for the time being.

  • just adding:

    I've tested Enscape (rhino) with Quest 2 and Rift S using the same 'moderately complex' model

    I tested the Quest 2 with both Air Link over a 5G wifi and the Oculus brand link cable

    Using VR capable laptop - Razer Blade with RTX 2070, not the fastest GPU possible but capable.

    Rift S - Totally fine, adequate frame rate, occasional small glitches on 'high' render quality when you turn your head too fast, black areas at side of screen. Overall suitable for presentations etc.

    Quest 2 - link cable - Low frame rate, some jitter and feedback when not moving your head. uncomfortable. Visually fine but weird lag between movement

    Quest 2 - Air link - Same result as link cable as far as I can tell.

    I was hoping I could get rid of the Rift altogether since we only use it for Enscape, but seems like not yet.

    Would be good to know if there's a way to improve the Quest performance with the link cable! can't seem to find any way to improve in the support docs.

  • nickflutter

    I've had similar results testing between the Rift S and Quest 2. Originally I was thinking it might have to do with the extra gpu load required to compress the image and send it via wifi or link cable, but thinking about it more, my guess is it's primarilly due to the increased rendering resolution of the Quest 2, which is almost double that of the Rift S (3.5 mp vs 1.8 mp). The 2080ti we have in our VR room seems to handle it pretty well in most scenes, but the laptops just aren't fast enough.

  • Hello,

    what about the quality of the image?, I have tested the oculus quest 2 and the quality is really bad compared to what I see in the PC, I have a RTX 3070

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    what about the quality of the image?, I have tested the oculus quest 2 and the quality is really bad compared to what I see in the PC, I have a RTX 3070

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