Ghost table disappears when walking away from it

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  • Dear Community,

    Sketchup Pro 2020

    Enscape Version: 2.9.0-preview.4+29791

    I have been testing the new functionality for the Custom Asset Library, I must say Thank you so much for including this feature! Seriously,

    Now, going back to the matter, I have created a Custom Asset, specifically a table, everything works fine until I walk away from it up to a certain distance and then starts to fade out, if i keep walking it will disappear leaving a shadow still in the same spot, if I walk back to it appears, like magic!

    View 01_Expected Behaviour

    View 02_Ghosting table shadow present

    View 03_Table is gone Shadow still present

    View 04_While rendering table appears only for the output image

    Which brings me back to realizing that this could also be another amazing feature! what if we can choose (Like in video games) when our assets disappear depending on how far we are from them so the files get better optimized, or like in the Witcher 3 wild hunt, where right after you turn around the world behind you fades or disappear completely to save memory and resources.

    Don't get me wrong, Enscape is super well optimized in terms of RAM and VRAM Usage, but every little optimization helps. keep it up guys,

    Also a quick snip of my custom asset library so far, as you can see is not the first asset I create, although is the only one with this behaviour the other ones are working perfect,

    Please let me know if you want the file in question,

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    Hi Julio Puccini

    thanks a lot for your report! It looks like you've indeed accidentally discovered our LOD (level of detail) system for assets. I assume the table geometry does contain the character sequence "lod"? This was primarily designed for our internal assets of course, but is still part of the assets infrastructure. We'll have to check how we're going to handle that to avoid accidental LOD fadeouts like in your case.

    You can workaround that easily by renaming the geometry to something else than "lod". If you want you can experiment with it of course, by defining the exact LOD range "lod1" displays the geometry only for the clostest LOD distance, "lod1-2" shows the geometry for the 1st and 2nd LOD distance, "lod2-3" would show the geometry only for the 2nd and 3rd LOD distance, which means it's invisible for the 1st LOD distance. As you can see by combining different geometry with different LOD-tags you can control which geometry is visible at which distance ;)

    Edit: After checking back internally, we're going to disable the implicit LOD feature for the external Asset Editor for the current release, until there's a more transparent/user friendly implementation.

  • Thank you very much Clemens Musterle is great to know that we have built-in within Enscape engine the option to have different LOD's

    I will play around with it, it will fit greatly with a project I'm currently working which is in short words an entire city, and very much taxing everyone's hardware so far, due to the amount of components and 4K textures.

    Although I double checked the asset itself and I haven't include any LOD Characters to it neither the 3D model nor the texture has it, you can see it in the following snip:

    Thanks once again, I agree with you it should be more user friendly, I think that will do for now,

    Edit: My bad, I triple checked and apparently the texture I used for the Bump map was indeed contentive of a LOD2, which is curious because I use blender to extract the optimized version of the 3D model and bounded this bump map during the export, But I'm not currently using it at the External Asset Editor, I suppose the .bin file which is create as part of the glFT still saves memory of the file itself, Even though not using it, very interesting indeed.

    Kind Regards,

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    The LOD naming only has an effect if it's applied to a a geometry (group) in your 3d application. The filename or texture names don't have an effect.