Student License Renewal Request

Please note: Should you experience issues with Enscape or your subscription, and in case of any urgent inquiries/questions (e.g. regarding our upcoming licensing changes) please reach out to our dedicated support team via the Help Center or Support button as detailed here.
  • Hello Enscape Team,

    I have tried several attempts via the website. And I did receive email that asked me to confirm. But after my confirmation, there has been nothing license related coming to my mail box. I have checked my spam box as well, did not really find anything. Hence I am posting this to see if you guys can help me a bit as I feel like I really need Enscape for next several days.

    Kind regards, and cheers


    • Official Post

    Thanks for your posts. The next time, please kindly keep your expiry day in mind and contact us a month beforehand for example, especially if you have important exams coming up. Then we can renew the license beforehand. Since we handle these requests manually (to also avoid any abuse of this free edu license system), and receive a lot of them lately, it may take up to a week to process currently.

    If you don't receive your license in the next couple of days, please send me a DM with your student e-mail.