Poor Performance with 2.0 onwards

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  • Hi Guys,

    Were having a nightmare with the general performance of our Enscape experiences after upgrading to anything 2.0 onwards. (I don't have the original installer anymore and we can only rollback 3 versions.)

    Tested on both the VIVE and the RIFT the sample revit project, not to mention our own runs really bad, boxing in VR, lag, jittering, shaking just generally unuasble.

    I've submitted several feedbacks and written an email but haven't heard anything back from the guys.

    In our own project revit files I've deleted everything but the rooms were showcasing, audited, purged you name it to try get it to work but no dice. (These rooms are tiny with very little in them.)

    I've downsized textures, simplfied geometry/families etc...

    Is anyone else having these issues? are there any work arounds?

    We have delivery on the 9th of Jan and need this sorted asap...

    Thanks for any feedback/support.

    Happy Holidays people.



  • Please apologize the slightly longer response time from our support team around the christmas days.

    Whats your GPU? Have you tried lowering the quality slider at the general tab? Be sure to have the newest drivers.

    To some extent, the requirements are higher but that can be dimished by lowering the quality to e.g. medium. Please understand that in order to keep Enscape state of the art, we have to leverage the capabilities of modern hardware and can't keep requirements the same for years. But we try to offer trade offs for people with weaker machines, as I suggested above.

  • I7 extreme 20 core @ 4.0

    2 x 1080GTX's 16GB total

    64Gb DDR3 RAM @ 12800 MB/s


    etc... etc...

    Everything is upto date, yes I've tried lowering settings. Lowest settings still give really poor performance.

    As you can see my machine can crush almost anything I throw at it.. (insert crysis 2 comment here.)

    Is it possible to get earlier versions? IE before 2.0?

    Could there be something out of the ordinary I'm missing? I'm pretty tech savy....

    What about it claashing with another program? Virus protection? window defender?


  • Little Update:

    I've tried the latest preview version and can get our smallest room (Im mean real small) to work ok-ish on the lowest settings. The other rooms however still perform badly.

    Every other software, App, experience that uses VR both oculus and HTC run fine. It's just Enscape that is behaving oddly.


  • Jorgensen

    Without knowing your project and your system specs:

    • lowering the rendering quality in the General Tab of the Enscape settings

    Depending on your project

    • Limiting the scene by section cuts
    • using textures with optimized size
    • etc...

    Nothing has worked for Us, the tech support from Enscape has hinted at it being our IT/Network environment so I've spoken to IT about that.

    It's the same issues with both the VIVE and the RIFT and on 2 PC's, we dont have anything else that can run our VR equipment readily at hand.

    It doesn't matter if its 1 wall at 1mtr x 1mtr or a complex structure as soon as we get close to the model it starts bugging out.

    I've tried 5 Different Enscape versions rolling all the way back to 1.9 ish

    I've un-installed Revit and all the existing plugins we had.

    Updated firmware, drivers, rolled back... nothing.

    All sorts of tweaks in Revit from textures to simplfying geomtery...

    Windows update, checks etc,..

    De frag, registry sweeps etc...

    We're going to check with our colleugues in America to see if they have any of the issues were having and give us a list of specifications for both the hardware and Software for the machines running Enscape.

    One thing I have just noticed however is that when making the recording for America you see all the poor performance minus the boxing? (The TV lag type effect.)

    Also how does Enscape render its images to HMD is it twice? one for each eye?

    Anyways Happy New Year People.



  • Morphus1 Happy New Year to you as well!

    What do you mean with recording for America? Are you working via remote access?

    The image gets rendered twice - stereo.

    =>Background information of Oculus https://developer.oculus.com/d…atest/concepts/dg-render/

    You have a high performance workstation and you can't use Enscape in a 1x1m scenario or the Revit sample project even in Medium/Low quality on a GTX 1080.

    This is very unusual and I haven't heard about such a behavior before.

    As I told you we would like to check your workstations via remote access as it seems that there's something blocking Enscape.

    =>Are there any new on it?

  • Hi Jonathan.

    No, it's on two of our local machines.

    I'm recording the bad performance to send to our overseas colleugues, see if they have any answers.

    I agree it's very unusual.

    I'm very fluent in steroscopic technology, there are ways, engine wise, to mitigate rendering the whole scene twice. I just wondered whether you were using any of them.

    In any scene we are experiencing very poor performance, whether its a 1 x 1 meter basic wall or a complex scene.

    As soon as we get close to the 3d object/s the issues manifest.

    It's the same for both machines and both headsets.

    I agree it does point more towards something wrong our end and we are trouble shooting at the moment.

    As for remote access I've been told that wouldn't be possible so far.

    I'll update here if we get anywhere.


  • Thanks for the update Morphus1. I hope that you're soon able to work fluently with Enscape again.

  • This is hard to say in general, as the performance is always connected to your model.

    But your system should be able to run most projects at Ultra in VR.

    Only the 1080 Ti and the new Titan are faster.

  • I wanted to add that we have seen the same thing. We use the Vive and have enscape on 7+ computers, all i7 3+Ghz, 32GB of RAM, SSD, and GeFore 1080 graphics. We have noticed performance has dropped since v2 was released, the latest version 2.1.1 was the worst though. We have rolled all the systems back to v2.0.2.9 to make the software even usable. I would be happy to provide you whatever you need to help troubleshoot this issue.

  • A performance drop should be visible from 1.9 to 2.0 as we introduced a better lighting system.

    The old Ultra quality in 1.9 is now the Medium quality in 2.0 and higher.

    But we optimized the performance in and in 2.1.1. So I'm very interested in which Setup, Project and Settings you're experiencing the issues.

    =>Please send in Feedback via the [Feedback] button and add some descriptions.

    Morphus1 has the performance issues with 1.9 as well. So it seems different.

  • Hi Guys,

    Jonathan is right, everything has dropped since we last presented our project in Enscape. It's been roughly 3 months since we used Enscape.

    Even if we open the old projects both the exe and the Revit file run poorly.

    I suggested the Revit Architectural sample project as a benchmark so that everyone could test.

    I'll try roll back again to and see if I can't atleast use medium settings.

    Thanks guys.

  • Hi Guys,

    Final Update:

    No one in our business worldwide can run the sample project in Enscape VR with High or Ultra Settings.

    All sorts of PC configurations have been tested, It doesn't seem possible, Regardless of how powerful a PC is.


  • Hi Guys,

    I hope this is not too dead of a thread but we are having the same issues. From low to ultra settings it does not matter we experience massive glitching.

    From boxing, lag, a weird under water tearing effect, and the avatar of the controllers having a phantom lagging a second behind them.

    It had been working well a while back.

    System preforms very well on VRMark benchmarks.

    Core i7-7700k CPU @ 4.2GHZ

    64GB ram


    GTX 1080 ti

    WIN 10
    HTC Vive pro wireless

    Any help would be great.