Enscape trial version freezing at "loading" screen.

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  • i recently upgraded to a new laptop specifically to install enscape (i recently bought and installed enscape on work computer successfully)

    AS far as i can tell the specs on the lap top are much better then those on my work computer so i'm not sure why enscape seems to have a problem while opening.

    it stays stuck on the loading screen and if i exit the loading screen my sketchup model is also frozen. I don't think this is an issue with file size. i've tried it on a model with just the default sketchup figure.

    thank you in advance for any advice. i hope to get feedback quickly in case i need to return the recently purchased laptop to one with different specs.

    im attaching a screen shot of my computer specs and graphics cards specs

    also not sure if this is important but im using a trial version of enscape and i have a trial version of sketchup.

  • raulbaez I presume that you're experiencing a multi-gpu issue.

    =>Please check this knowledgebase article.

    If this won't help, please send in feedback via the [Feedback] button.