Fuzzy Light

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  • This seems to be errors of the random GI sampling. This is a classic problem. Most it is caused by small emitters. It helps to use more direct lights and light from the environment outside. Maybe you can setup an early evening sky. This could help to bring some color changes in the lighting too.

    On the other side always I hope the GI calculation can be improved. At some scenes I got the some problems - for example an underground tram interior. Here I wished I could force the calculation to calculate longer. (Was not for VR RT, only images and animation.)

  • So using less emissive materials would be a solution. I am using an emissive material on my can lights and a couple light fixtures elsewhere for them to appear on and shining. It seems to be better. Damn, that's too bad. Do you know if there be any fix to this in the future?

    I usually capture in daytime, but in this case, all the interior walls and cabinetry are super white or tan. I lose a lot of definition in the cabinets that I'm not willing to give up while in the daytime.

  • Super white per daytime light? Sound like a bad relation between daylight and artificial light. An other problem could be there if you use daylight - I found that we get to much light to the interior, if the walls are single surfaces only. For me it helped to make thick walls, for example 10..20 cm. So, the day light was looking realistic.

    Best, start with a daylight setup and adjust it for an evening time and set the exposure so that the interior is underexposured, than add light sources and adjust the lights for the needed brightness.

  • All my walls are actual thickness and not just planes. So I don't think its that. Here are two pictures of what I'm talking about. So the first is set at 00:00 with the artificial light (without emitters on) the second is set at 12:00 without artificial light (without emitters as well). All exposure settings are standard. If not standard, then, very little movement on the scales.

    As you can see, the stark whiteness kills any definition on our cabinet doors. The lack of windows in the house makes it hard to get good sunny tones in the area which is why I am rending this project at night. Which in turn why I had my can lights as emissive. Which gave me that underwater light bouncing feel. You can see I took away the emissive part on my can lights in the top right corner. And it did take away the weird random underwater lights.

    [Blocked Image: https://cdn.pbrd.co/images/H0uUifZ.png]

    [Blocked Image: https://cdn.pbrd.co/images/H0uVr7W.png]