Oculus Go

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  • Hi, I am just wondering what you guys & girls are looking at doing with the oculus go when it gets released. I have been using enscape for presentations to both the clients but also the construction crews for the projects I have been working on to give them a clear picture of the build and discuss specific areas that are hard to represent on a flat sheet of paper.

    The rift is fine for the client as we are generally making changes on the PC as we go but I want the site foreman to have a VR copy on an oculus go on site that he could refer to at anytime during the build

    I would love to be able to upload an enscape VR file to a cloud which could then be accessed by an app on an the oculus go so that the site foreman could have the latest VR available to him.

    While enscape is great for the front end of a project (concept/design etc) it could be so much more throughout the entire project life. If you don't build and app for this type of function then we will just end up looking elsewhere to find something that would work but I would obviously much rather stick with enscape for the entire project cause its soooo much better than anything out there at the moment.

    I suppose the point I am trying to make is that there is an opportunity to capture the market for the entire building process rather than just the front end. If you were to sell an app on oculus go then you would find reverse sales of enscape happening where the site foreman demands the VR model from the architect (or it become a contracted supply requirement like a set of plans) so the architect then has to purchase enscape to output the model.

    If you are concerned that archicads BIMx has this covered then don't be. They talk it up, but its rubbish in VR & I don't see them making it any better anytime soon. Its like trying to move an elephant with them!

    Anyway thoughts?

  • I would have serious concerns about giving and leaving a VR set on-site with foreman. It would need investment from a contractor point and then they are pretty much relying on working with you for the remainder of their projects (something that unfortunately doesn't always happen!) especially if you're the only one's running VR.

    I like the Oculus Go, I'm hoping we will invest in it when it's released as it's a lot easier to use than a wired connection.

  • Oculus want everyone to have a GO hence the low price point. They have seen the flattening of rift sales due to those who actually wanted them, now have them. They are a great device but not something everyone will have sitting on their coffee table at home like they do with phones and tablets, this is where oculus want the GO to be.

    Most good site foremen will have a device onsite to help then do their job better from a communication point of view. I am just proposing that a GO will be just another device to help them build better & more efficiently.

    The biggest problem is that there is a very poor level of 3D structural residential detailing here in NZ so most designers don't have an accurate model to place into a VR environment anyway!

    Someone has got to start the ball rolling so I am trying to make this type of VR experience available to contractors so they can see the benefits.

    We are currently using the web based 3D app Kubity to give contractors a chance to review the 3D model from their PC or using the Kubity app on their devices while onsite.

    Here is a link a model we have made available through a link within the plan PDF document and also as a Q-code which can be read onsite by the app


    I would love to make this same model (which is uploaded using a sketchup model) available on an Oculus Go. Kubity will do this eventually but the graphics are pretty poor and they are not doing a huge amount of development so I'm not holding my breath!