Floating vs Fixed license

  • hi

    as i understand it, the difference between fixed and floating license is, that the fixed version needs to be de- / activated when used on different workstations, and that this happens automatic when using the floating version - is that right? and multiple seats if necessary - any other differences?



  • That is how i understand as well. We have one seat in our office at the moment (will be adding more) and if someone else is using the software you get a warning and images are water marked. As soon as the open seat is available the water marks go away. Works good and is very helpfull for me to see and judge how many seats we actually need based on usage.

  • Basically you're right, although de-/activating the fixed seat license is not how it's designed to be. The fixed seat license should be used if you have X dedicated machine to run Enscape. For all other cases, the number of floating license determines the number of Enscape windows that can be opened at the same time.