"Live" Enscape Views on sheets (automatic updates)

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  • Hello,

    I just want to share one thought/idea that came to my mind.

    In Revit plugin there is an option to save an image as a rendering. However, edition possibilites in that option are limited (you cannot even crop the view:/) and the image is saved/blocked (not updating while model changes). All these aspects considered, makes it a bit unuseful. It creates a need to use an external editor to postproduct the image and then upload it into the Revit, which makes it, in my opinion, a bit annoying.

    I thought it would be a fantastic option to be able to put on Revit sheet an "live" Enscape view that automatically updates (or by clicking a refresh button) with the model changes.

    I am aware that it won't be an easy task, but I truly believe that such an option would be used a lot. It would allow to make most of the presentations on the Revit level, without any additional programs and without continous updating raster images.

    That's it. Please let me know if you also thought about it, and if it is in your agenda.

    I am looking to your comments!


  • This is exactly what I wanted to say. If there is a capacity to make this possible, this function would be used on every single project at any firm that uses Enscape. Quality live 3D in sheets would help a lot actually with design intent for contractors to see, and resolve questions that the current revit view cannot.

  • In theory you could achieve this dynamo, it would make for a fun little challenge. It would take a while for the rendering and script to complete, even with a powerful machine.

    It would be a matter of rendering into project, placing the render on a sheet as a view, and then replacing the view with the newest render.

    You would have a disconnect between executing a render command and a dynamo script unless you write a macro or link up keyboard shortcuts to ensure that both commands run.

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    I'd love to see this!

    Feel free to please forward any inquiries or wishes that you have straight to product management through our Enscape Public Voting Portal:

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    Thanks a lot, much appreciated!