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    It would be fantastic to be able to save time-of-day and cloud position within the enscape view presets. (specifically for Rhino)

    I find that after I close and open a model, load a view preset, and return to a specific time of day (aka *8:35am), the clouds can block the sun differently and the view can look very different.

    Can this be changed/added!? This would be very helpful if we are able to update design schemes and match the same exact lighting.

    I think this applies to this thread... My cutouts are not rendering. These cutouts do show up for other people using the same file on different machines. Is this a hardware issue?

    I am running Enscape version 2.9.1

    Updated my graphics drivers but still nothing.

    Other materials/textures seems to work no problem... Just not cutouts.

    Thanks for the help!