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    I was working on this same type of material today. A way to mask the Enscape materials like water and grass would be helpful so that there would only be grass blades or water surface movement/transparency in areas left unmasked, and the rest of the material would be controlled by the typical maps and sliders.

    I just want to note that transparency in this context is different than your typical material transparency. If the material was transparent, you would see the inside (like a bottle), which would be weird with people and trees.

    I think what the request is here, is a transparent 'layer' if you will.

    +1 for this feature, implemented in the way described by Pieter.


    Something like the VRay Dirt effect would be great, just to give the impression of some weathering. If it could be more elaborate than that with rust or water stain textures, even better. I think the benefit of something like this is that is could be procedural rather than image based, so there wouldn't be as much of an issue with tiling on large surfaces.

    Adding this to the report as well. In this case, could you also send in a report from your machine too as described here? This way we may at least be able to find out why this movement issue is occurring. In the submission form please refer to this forum thread so that our support team can directly assign it to me, or give you a solution accordingly. :)

    I've sent feedback from a machine experiencing the issue with a SpaceMouse wired.

    Thanks Demian,

    Possibly a related issue is that sometimes the Enscape camera will just start moving in a direction and continue moving in that direction with no user input. When the user does use the SpaceMouse, mouse, or keyboard, the inputs respond normally, but as soon as the user stops inputting any direction, the camera reverts to the same stuck movement.

    It's not a huge issue when it's a slow sideways or forward/backward movement, but a rotation can really induce some nausea in a room full of people. However, it does mean that it's very difficult to set up a view for rendering.

    Sometimes the behavior starts as soon as Enscape starts up. Other times it seems to start when switching window focus back to Enscape after working in Revit.

    We've had this issue intermittently for the past 18 months or so:

    On occasion, but not all the time, Revit is started up, the file is opened, Enscape is started, but the SpaceMouse does not respond in Enscape. The SpaceMouse side buttons do function and indicate that it is configured for use in Revit. Sometimes, if the Revit window is made focus again, and the user clicks a mouse in the Revit window and wiggles the SpaceMouse knob just for superstition's sake, then refocuses on the Enscape window and clicks, the SpaceMouse will begin to respond in Enscape. This behavior has only been observed with the SpaceMouse wireless.

    Currently the machine is running:

    Revit 2019.2.1

    Enscape 2.6.0-preview.8+10829

    3DxWare 10.6.0

    The same behavior has occurred with Revit 2017, 2018, and 2019, Enscape release and preview versions going back over a year, and 3DxWare 10.5 and 10.6.

    Checking some forums today I saw that Revit uses the SpaceMouse differently for 2D vs 3D views. Could it be something to do with which type of view is open in Revit when Enscape is opened?

    Has anyone else seen this? Any suggestions on sequence of startup or which window to click in to get the SpaceMouse to control Enscape?


    I've been using the Crowd add-in with Enscape assets. It scatters randomly and will adjust the placed instance elevation to topography, but it does not rotate or scale.

    There are also various ways using Dynamo, but I haven't personally been as successful using those, probably because I'm not very good at Dynamo.

    Crowd Add-In

    Joost Kors Welcome to our Forum and thanks for your feedback.

    A custom settings path is currently not possible. But we want to overwork our current solution.

    Is this something we can +1?

    It would be very useful for establishing standards within the office. Keeping track of many sets of settings to be sure everyone is turning out images that look like they came from the same place is a bit of work. I have used the workaround in specific instances, but it isn't practical to continually swap files back and forth.

    Jonathan Knoefel I did try the workarounds but they didn't really give the effect I was looking for. I ran out of time trying settings, but the self-illuminating material behind the decal washed out the decal image too much. The self illuminating material with the image included didn't work very well for one because it kept rotating and I couldn't get it aligned, and the other was a video wall, so it was 35 monitors in an array and I really didn't have time to make that many position adjustments. I'll keep playing with it, but a self illuminating decal would really solve it quickly.

    I already sent some screenshots and a description in to Support, but wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar experience. I'm using PNGs with transparency for textures, but find that they disappear occasionally, sometimes individually, sometimes en masse. When they disappear, the object appears like the default material. In the attached image, the two large vertical rectangles in the foreground were cutout people, then they weren't. After deleting and recreating the textures a couple of times, they eventually remained as textures. I eventually found them to be more stable when they were created from an existing texture, rather than having Default selected and then making a new material.