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    I have already witched to D5 after seeing 2.6 version

    :sketchup::/Исходя из этого, можно сказать, что Enscape не умирает на рынке рендеринга, а скорее занимает свою нишу среди пользователей, которые ценят простоту, скорость и совместимость. Тем не менее, Enscape также сталкивается с жесткой конкуренцией со стороны других программ, которые предлагают более высокое качество, больше функций и больше разнообразия. Поэтому Enscape должна постоянно развиваться и совершенствоваться, чтобы не терять своих клиентов и привлекать новых.

    No body cares about 2 or 3 minutes speed difference for still images between render software but we care about the features that make us save tons of hours!

    Did you compare D5 adjustable animated assets, Animation and camera features, light features like Gop and stage lights animation and customization, importing ABC animation and much more to Enscape? All these feature for sure will cost more time in rendering but will make the renders more professionals on the other hand.

    By the way D5 and twinmotion are based on UE 5 and they are implementing 5.3 version with Lumen and when this happens they will becom more faster than Enscape itself !

    I'm complaining because I care.

    I care about Enscape development and I see the other render engines killing it slowly specially after being part of chaos, They are dedicating Enscape resources for serving vray.

    In my opinion, the best way to create road stripes in Revit is to use railing. It will help to create strips on curved roads and on topography as well. I did a video about it a very long time ago. Skip video to @29:20

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    Do you know how to get True curved geometry in Enscape as the geometry became jagged

    I believe that the path that chaos wants to take is starting to be clear. To Create a bridge between fast and rough visualization (Enscape) and quality rendering (vray). I think we can abandon the idea that Enscape might try to compete with D5 or Twinmotion (or even the latest Lumion) because Chaos simply doesn't want to take away from Vray's appeal.

    I'm afraid those looking for a decent compromise between speed and quality need to start looking elsewhere. :rolleyes:

    Comparing D5, Twinmotion and Lumion development to Enscape you're totally Right.

    for me Enscape is dying.

    check this!!

    D5 render in one service release come with 35 new feature! in 3 Months.

    To anyone in this thread who inquired about edge softening specifically in Enscape for Rhino, this should now be fully working actually with Rhino 7 and Enscape 3.5:

    We're able to make use of this functionality now as well since we've entirely restructured the Rhino geometry export and live updates, taking advantage of their new Api.

    Waiting for IES Support, After the partnership with chaos Does Vray IES in Rhino would Work in Enscape ? Demian Gutberlet

    My main issues was Revit native tools for making and editing texture, importing HD furnitures and Trees so I was stricted to use Enscape assets only and I don't like them as thery aren't HD assets, So I use Sketchup warehouse models and I edit them and 3rd party websites and addons for arch-viz like Skatter