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    Plus One for Enscape for MacOS.

    Twinmotion and Epic are currently running on Mac OS with dedicated graphics and EGPU (and running well). It is possible to run something as intensive as Enscape natively in MacOS and I would venture to say there is a market for it.

    I am not seeing Enscape render glass (or any material with transparency) when the opacity is set lower than 95% in sketchup. The material then disappears altogether at 94% and lower.

    I have a fully updated AMD Vega 64 graphics card that is being leveraged by SketchUp and Enscape. It does not matter what the render quality is set to...

    Anyone run into this?



    Hello -

    Running newest Version 2.2 of Enscape (for Sketchup). It does not seem to register when the "synchronize views" option is toggled. The enscape window simply stays the same until "start enscape" is depressed again from Sketchup model window. Graphics drivers have been updated (didn't work), and rolled back (also didn't work). Have also noticed an orbit lag since installing the updated version.

    Would appreciate any help if anyone has insights.