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    +1 To Duplicate Asset with variations. I agree with Pieter.

    Here is my suggestions:

    1. Duplicate a Project (Not Asset) after opening a existing one and editing. (With Variations)

    2. A field to input the Category and a field to input a Tag. I'm editing the Json to do this. If you move the folder to the offline one, you can see.

    3. Sort the Custom Library by Category and Tags like the online one. I'm moving the folder

    4. Option to Pause or Draft the asset viewport, because of the reloading speed when editing the parameters.

    5. Import SKP and DWG.

    6. I think a dropper to pull the material its not viable (because its a viewport) but maybe add a Viewport Mode with the the materials assigned colored and identified by the same color on the left panel. (this allow me to import a model without pre-editing and cleaning, some models have a mess of materials names)