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    Materials need to be set in your Revit model in order for them to appear in Enscape. Double check that this has been applied to your walls/floors/ceilings and your other components. It looks to me like everything is set to "Default" material in Revit which will appear grayish white in Enscape.

    I personally like they chose the planting category because we can easily scale the assets. That wouldn't be the case if they picked entourage for example.

    Did not know this! Thanks for sharing

    please let me know what exactly you want to see implemented and I'll put it on our agenda. ;) Thanks a lot.

    You are welcome, I don't believe anything shall be implemented in your agenda at this point. This thread was mainly for discussion of workflow with the new feature when used in combination with Revit. Pieter has brought up some good points as well for a Revit workflow!

    One possible workflow could be to put all Assets inside a Design Option as per the Enscape Best Practices for Revit Design Options, ( however this still takes a little bit of effort to get all the Visibility/Graphics settings correct amongst multiple views. Possibly a View Template for 3D views created in Revit could help manage the workflow?

    Second possible workflow could be to put all Assets inside a separate Revit file. Then link in the Building Revit model .rvt file used for documentation. This keeps Assets completely out of the documentation altogether. The downside is there is no flexibility in editing the linked model on the fly if need be.

    I am posting this to open discussion to both Enscape developers and other Architecture firms out there. :P

    Should the new Assets as part of Enscape 2.4 really be assigned to the Revit "Planting" Category???

    I would much rather have People, Cars, Furniture, Clutter, etc.. all assigned to the "Entourage" Category instead. :thumbup: This way I can have my staff always hide the "Entourage" category when generating 2D working drawings.

    Trees, shrubs, plants should be left on the "Planting" Category in my opinion.

    Yes you can, you need to enable VR BEFORE exporting your file. When you then start up your file externally you will be presented with a view searching for an HMD.

    I know this thread is outdated but still appears under a google search for help for VR standalone file.

    I found out today after using Enscape for a very long time that there is a Settings menu in the standalone file:…18/10/newsettingsmenu.png

    This allows you to enable VR. For me there is not "view searching for an HMD" in the standalone file.:?: It was only able to be activated through the Settings menu button within the standalone file. Then it worked on our HTC Vive.

    Developers please note, I found this button very hard to find!!! In fact for over a year I never knew it even existed! Is there a way to make this button for Settings menu much easier to find, more noticeable, more conspicuous to the user?? Perhaps use a color to distinguish the button or a symbol with a gear? Or both? :thumbsup:


    I want to add to this post by saying I think the Web Standalone is a great feature in concept.

    However we have tried it recently with a client and the detail level is not nearly as good as we were expecting. We also had an issue where the lighting behaved erratically - flickering on/off. Another model we uploaded the lighting dissappeared altogether, even with the time of day correctly set before upload.

    I just wanted to report our feedback. But I stand by the new feature. :)