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    Hi Everyone,

    It would be really useful if Enscape could render out Alpha channels or even material ID in video mode.

    I'm working on a walk through with a few cut a ways but hoping to have the site and context remain in the video.

    So if it was possible to render the cut away with alpha mask I could paste it on top of the site video in post.

    To get this effect now I'm rendering the cutaway video with a Chroma-Key Green Sky Box and using After Effect to key out the sky. Not even close to perfect but it looks okay.

    Please add this feature.

    We currently are rendering multiple paths of the same area with slight differences so we can use a video edited to fade between multiple options. This current project I'm working on has 5 options. This would allow us to send all of those walkthroughs over night instead of babysitting a computer waiting for it to finish to send the next option.

    We had the same issue yesterday.
    What was the issue?

    If the issue was your servers, is it possible to have an offline copy of the Asset Library server?

    It's a bit scary to think that during a deadline we wouldn't be able to render due to this issue.

    Is it possible to export my Rhino Enscape Materials and bring them into my project that is in SketchUp?

    My office is trying to make a material library that we can use with both 3D modeling software

    Personally I would love for google earth to be integrated into Enscape, but I know from a dev. perspective its very pricey to get a partnership with google to implement their software. I would much rather see Google earth in Enscape, but I know open street maps could be a placeholder until a deal can be worked out with google. Other similar rendering programs like eyecad have open street already integrated in their program so it can be done.

    Just to be clear, we are talking about Google Earth Studio, not Google Earth. And I don't think the original poster wanted a partnership, but instead a file that exports the same moment, kind of like a translation from Escape path to Google Earth Studio paths since in the end, they are all just text files.

    I may be wrong, but that's how I understood it (not saying it's any easier)

    Using the short cut is great but often you forget to turn if off and Enscape is pushing to update something when I was just working in Revit. It would be great if it was the same button that just allowed you to switch into manual mode, where it only updates Escape where you press it.

    +1 My request is, when this becomes possible for the mp4 to effect the lighting of the scene. ie, if the video is a strobe light flashing rapidly and the scene is a dark room, for the room to flash. Or if the video is candle lights flickering for it to actually effect the room a bit.

    Concrete idea: instead no shadow for custom skyboxes there is a diameter option needed, per default it could be set for example at 1000m.

    I think a diameter slider for the skybox is a good idea. I would hope it can grow to be larger than 1km though since we often make city large renderings

    +1 This would be amazing for all architecture and our Urban Design Projects! Not sure if it will happen but would be extremely useful if it does.

    I think if the movements were identical in Google Earth Studio and Enscape you would also need a video alpha layer (and video depth layer if you use depth of field) to drop the model into the scene.

    I think the hardest part would be shadows. Does the Google Earth Studio model cast shadows onto the Escape Model or vice versa?

    Hi Enscape,

    It would be great if we could model a box around the area of the model that we either want to make off limits or make an area of focus. ie. if you are inside the boundary when Enscape Starts, you can't leave and if you were outside the boundary when enscape starts you can't get in.

    I've accomplished this by using invisible walls, but this can be overcome just by going into fly mode.

    Ideally it would be a boundary that can't be crosses even in fly mode. OR The ability to disable flying all together.